Book Review: The Woman in the Window

I love when my friends send me book recommendations. Usually when this happens they’re right in the middle and they only stopped reading long enough to send me a quick … Continue reading Book Review: The Woman in the Window

March 2018: Book Reviews

Bonjour!  Good morning!  Today is a big day!  Today is April 1st which means it is April Fool’s Day (which I’ve never really been a fan of) but more importantly, … Continue reading March 2018: Book Reviews

February 2018: Book Reviews

I’m late publishing my blog post of book reviews from February – so please forgive me but I read some really great books this month and I wanted to take … Continue reading February 2018: Book Reviews

Book Review: Killman Creek

It seems like I was a total slacker in January because I only finished one book… BUT I have been simultaneously reading a few others. So I’m not a total … Continue reading Book Review: Killman Creek