Book Review: Go Bravely

Go Bravely: Becoming the Woman You Were Created to Be by Emily Wilson Hussem

This book was such an easy read.  I enjoyed it even though I think it is aimed at a younger age group.  The lessons that Emily shares are still great reminders for women of all ages.  I actually stumbled upon her Youtube page through a Twitter recommendation for Catholic bloggers after I read this book.  It was like a little sign that I was meant to read this and hear more from her through social media.

Emily shares this quote that I think is really a crucial point to understand and recognize as a Christian these days:

“It’s not supposed to be easy.  ‘Take up your cross and follow Me.'”

It definitely is not easy to be a Christian woman in America right now. I think that many people feel that the beliefs of Catholic women today are outdated.  Emily does a great job of sharing a few reasons why it is so important to surround yourself with strong women.  She says, “women have a nurturing trait that is so needed today” and I really agree with her.  In a world that wants to say that women are not special, or unique but equal to everyone else – Emily’s viewpoint is refreshing.  We are special.  We are unique.  We were made to be different.  The world today is sorely lacking love and it’s exactly that love that women are made to give.  (Cue: All You Need Is Love by The Beatles)

Emily also points out that “no woman has ever been made better by speaking poorly of other women. She has insecurities and troubles just like I do. I am called to celebrate who God made her to be.” This is one of those reminders I mentioned earlier that I believe women of all ages need to hear time and time again. Why do we feel the urge to put other women down? It shouldn’t be a competition and she’s right!  It never actually makes us feel better, does it?  I do hope other women choose to celebrate the woman God created me to be – and that means I need to lead by example first.

Emily shares other great tips about relationships that I heard from a few of my female role models during junior high and high school. This book would be a great resource to share with younger ladies in your life. Sometimes it’s easier to listen to speakers and authors vs parents or others close to us.

Did I invite God into my life today?

“God doesn’t force himself into your life, you should invite him into your day each morning.”  What a simple, yet true statement.  As soon as I read this, I thought, did I invite God into my life this morning?  The answer, I am ashamed to admit, was no.  Ouch. What was I waiting on?  Am I really so busy each morning that I can’t even take 2 seconds to talk to God?  What are you waiting on?

I would recommend this book for you and all of the females in your life who are trying to be strong women who take up their crosses and live their faith.  It isn’t easy and we need all of the help and kind words of encouragement that we can get.  Check out this YouTube video from Emily and hear more about her thoughts from her new book:


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