February 2018: Book Reviews

I’m late publishing my blog post of book reviews from February – so please forgive me but I read some really great books this month and I wanted to take the time to share my honest thoughts about each one so that I could share a thorough review of each one.

  • Exhume (Dr. Schwartzman Series Book 1) by Danielle Girard
    • I actually downloaded this book as part of my Prime Membership Amazon First Reads (formerly known as Kindle First) in September of 2016.  It’s crazy to me that I had this book on my kindle for so long and I’m only just now getting around to reading it.  I’ve been on a suspense kick lately but this book was interesting because it came from a different perspective.  The main character of this story is a medical examiner.  Once I got past some of the gory images in my head as Dr. Schwartzman worked I actually found it to be really interesting!  The amount of detail that the author provided in these scenes was incredible – but well written and fast-paced.  This book also made me think twice about how easily accessible our information can be as the main character tried to stay off the grid and out of harm’s way.   Since roses are my favorite flower the cover of this book really caught my eye – but after reading the first few chapters, seeing the yellow rose became an eerie sight.
      While I enjoyed reading this book, I will say that there were a few scenes where I felt like I was watching an old scary movie.  You know the kind I’m referring to?  The ones with the scenes where the characters in the movie are about to do something stupid and next thing you know you’re yelling at the TV to try to stop them from walking into the dark barn where the other characters were just slaughtered.  That part made this book a little bit predictable – but I’d like to think that the author was just building up the plot for series book two, which is available now.  I have to know what happens next so you can be sure that I’ll be posting my book review for Excise (Dr. Schwartzman Series Book 2) sometime soon.
  • Everybody Needs to Forgive Somebody by Allen R. Hunt
      • Like most millennials, I love getting mail.  Real mail – not just bills and other boring types of corporate correspondence. That being said, I was really excited when I received this book in the mail a few months ago from Dynamic Catholic.  I will admit – it has been sitting on the bookcase in my bedroom since then but recent events made me feel that I really needed to read it.  I finished this one in a few days as it’s not very long but each chapter is really moving.  I only read a chapter or two each day to allow myself some time to let the message sink in.  Each chapter of this book is a short story about different people who have had a situation in their lives when they needed to forgive someone.  As I read through it, I could easily think of people in my life who found themselves in similar situations – not excluding myself.  I believe that God has a plan for our lives and I felt it was a sign from above that this was the book that Dynamic Catholic chose to share with their Ambassadors during a time when I was struggling with forgiveness.  I really can’t say it more clearly than the title – everybody needs to forgive somebody.  Everybody struggles with forgiveness at some point and everybody should read this book.  It truly helped me find the humility to remember that God loves us and forgives us for all of our transgressions – so as a Christian I should be able to share that same love and forgiveness.


  • How to Win Friends & Influence People by Dale Carnegie
    • I started listening to this audiobook and then I quickly realized that I also wanted the kindle version so that I could add bookmarks and highlight key areas to review later.  The more I read, the more I thought of friends and family members who I wanted to share this book with.  There is so much to learn from How to Win Friends.  It’s obvious why this book has managed to stay atop priority lists for professional development for years and years.  I have to say, the more current generations connect with devices and the disconnect between human relationships grows, the more we ALL need to read this book.  I’m not sure if it makes me feel better or worse knowing that people needed this book just as badly back when it was originally published in 1936 as they do now.  The author is correct when he states that you should revisit this book often.  There were multiple areas that I know I struggle with personally and I plan to come back to this book to continue improving my communication skills throughout the future.  Over 30 million copies have been sold worldwide.  Do yourself a favor and get your hands on a copy.giphy (1).gif
  • Perfectly Yourself: New and Revised Edition by Matthew Kelly
    • I also started reading Perfectly Yourself in February.  I’ve been reading along each day since the start of this Lenten season as I receive daily reflection videos from Dynamic Catholic.  This book is the focus for their Best Lent Ever program this year. If you haven’t signed up to receive their daily videos then you should.  It’s not too late!  I’ll have a full review of this one in my March book reviews.giphy (2).gif

Thanks for reading my post!  What books have you been reading lately?  Which ones would you recommend?  If you’ve read any of the same books from this blog, what were your thoughts? Favorite parts?  Leave a comment and let me know!

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