The Real World

Since late last week Kelly and I have switched my morning schedule from reading the strips in the morning to writing up Silpada gift card and business card orders, then the doing the production on them. Once I finish those I start on my PFL orders and ebiz orders like usual. We changed my morning work because she wanted to prepare me to do these jobs, which she normally does, while she is on vacation from Wednesday – Friday. This part was been new to me but I took very detailed notes and by Wednesday I felt confident in the work I was producing.

Tuesday, I pulled some samples from previous job files for Don to take to the AMS event. I also did some filing for Jaci. I did some production work on a few jobs. We designed some feet that hold up the display board that we printed along with setting the files for those boards. We were pleasantly surprised when the feet actually worked in supporting the boards because it was really kind of a trial and error idea. It has been cool to see some things that we’ve tried (like the feet) be successful because it just goes to show that if you don’t have everything that you need you can always design it for yourself.

Tuesday, I also briefly looked into the AMS campaign replies again since the final due date has passed. When we first sent out the email we were sitting at about 2.5% after only a few hours. Usually 6-7% of replies are considered successful with these campaigns. Since then the percentage of people who replied was 23.36%! We sent information out to just less than 500 people so that makes about 120 responses. While this campaign earns a higher percentage of responses than most, it has also been happening yearly. Wednesday, I was very busy with the usual morning routine, then doing production on a big window cling job for the zoo. I also helped Char stuff some goodie bags for the AMS event.

Thursday was a very frustrating day for me. I was struggling to find the most efficient way to complete a job for the KC Zoo. I finally figured it out which made me angry at myself for struggling but pleased that I have been able to use things that I’ve learned from classes throughout the years. Friday I went with Ed Scanlon to the 816 Hotel. I got to see the wall paper/murals that Boelte produced for the hotel walls as well as one of their themed rooms and a standard room with their framed prints. Everything looked amazing. I have attached a picture from the trip to my assignment.

It was weird working without Kelly this week because I am with her most of the time and she usually checks my work and answers my questions. Those three days were kind of a test of what I have learned so far this summer (and during school). I still had a few questions but everyone was very helpful in answering them but I am very proud of how I handled everything; it kind of felt like a taste of the real business world.

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