The Adventures of Boelte Bull & I

Monday was another typical day, starting my morning by writing up jobs and doing some production. Tuesday, Kelly showed me how to take the Silpada business card files that are uploaded to our servers and create their jobs, enter them into production and then send the plates. She will be gone for a few days next week so I will be doing this every day by myself when she is gone. It surprises me how many different states and countries that we do printing for. Also, I did the production for the ebiz jobs that I upload and write up every morning. I will also be doing that while she is gone. Most of these jobs have the process set up so that once you add the files and data it calculates and processes the job by itself in one or more software programs. However, you still have to pay attention to make sure the software is calculating everything appropriately as well as processing things so that the plates print correctly.

We also worked on some of the “class by itself” jobs, which are like school support signs and stuff that families can order. These jobs are a lot like the Silpada ones in the way that there is already a process set up for them (for the most part). This past week I have been working on a job that has required me to use both InDesign and the Pitstop Prepress add-on for acrobat. This tool is very handy when you need to edit PDFs. However, having to switch back and forth between the two software programs is irritating and you would think that clients would send the right kinds of files for you to work with but I know that isn’t always how it is in the real world.

Thursday, we visited the Silpada convention so that we could see the work that we wrote up and produced at the final destination. I have attached some pictures from the event! It was really cool to see the final products, especially with this customer because their orders are mostly large-scale jobs. It’s cool to see the files go from a twelve-inch monitor to a 30 foot printer banner hanging from the ceiling of Bartle Hall.



I also attached some pictures with the back wall files that I worked on a few weeks ago. We had to measure everything very carefully and readjust the files onto different art boards. Again, it is cool to see it go from a computer screen to such a huge final product. Boelte-Bull is all printed and ready for the trip, too. We took a picture together but I will send it after the AMS event begins because apparently it is a really big deal for the attendees to see what Boelte is wearing each year in the different locations.AMS Backwall final product

I have been receiving emails all week with results from people who are responding to the multi-channel marketing campaign. I just get a little file that shows their info and the extent of their visit to the site (visited from phone, desktop, length of time, responses, etc.) Char sent me some more questions and is finishing up the article about me soon so I will be on their website. How cool!

I only have two weeks left and it is going to be really hard for me to leave Boelte after such a wonderful summer. My last day will be August 1st because I have to return to Pittsburg for formal recruitment with my sorority.

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