Home, Sweet Home (Away From Home)

Monday started like a normal day, after my normal morning routine I worked with Kelly on a few booklets we are printing. We laid them out in Apogee prepress which has slowly gotten easier to use throughout the summer, however, I still get kind of confused with the WT, WB, etc. After we laid everything out in the software, we printed the pages to make a sample, folded them up and stitched them with a little mini stitch/stapler. Laying out these jobs is important when writing it up and moving the files into the software. You have to make sure the cover and text sigs are placed appropriately – this is very important in prepress.

Another thing I have really learned and noticed this summer is that if you give a job to five different people to set up or complete they will probably do it five different ways. It is interesting to see how people see the steps with jobs differently. Since these perspectives vary, it makes communication all the more important. Tuesday morning I was in a minor car accident on my way to work (I am fine) and everyone here was so kind and caring. Everyday I feel a little more at home here and it truly feels like a family the way that everyone looks after each other. I couldn’t be more thankful for that. Tuesday, I also got my own sample postcard from the AMS campaign. It has been really cool to see this campaign from the beginning stages to the final postcards being sent. Soon I should also be receiving notifications as recipients begin to access their PURLs and enter their information.

Wednesday was full of writing up jobs as well as helping Aimee by adding addresses into our Catalyst/Jybe software, followed by adding each address and packing list to specific jobs with their particular amounts. This is also an important part as a coordinator because if you add the wrong address or amount number you really mess something up. Thursday, Tractor and I sent some plates to the printer and then we watched the plate maker move the plates through. It was cool to see the huge machine work so smoothly.

Friday, Tractor and I did the layout for a catalog together. I have been confused about WB, WT, WR and their differences and everyone has been trying to show me tricks and teach me more about them. We went out to the pressroom and I got to watch a catalog I had written up earlier this week go through the machine in its sigs and stitch. Also, we started receiving email leads from the AMS campaign. Nichole and I looked through all of the data we have received so far. The mailings weren’t received yet (for some unknown reason) so we went ahead and sent out emails so that we can start generating data before the event. This campaign has definitely been my favorite thing to work on this summer!

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