A Productive Independence Week

Early in the week I worked with Ernie on the files for the back wall of the booth that Boelte-Hall will have at the AMS event. Char had already created the graphics but we had to figure out the size of the wall and determine how many panels it would be broken into and the measurements for each. After finishing the layout I needed to add our logo and some text. My next project for this job was to create the graphic that will go into the snappy frame at the booth. I didn’t know what a snappy frame was until now, so that was cool. Getting to help out with the graphics and layouts for these events was a cool opportunity for me. I’m excited to see the final product before it leaves and happy to help out while Char is gone as well.

Wednesday, Nichole and I worked together to prepare the variable data lists that we received for the AMS campaign. We edited the information in the excel sheets and I also learned what a “seed list” is. So we specified the seeds in the mailing lists, which I am apart of, so I will get a sample of the postcard addressed to me, with my PURL and I can test it out as much as I want. I also receive emails as customers input their information so I can see what device they use, where they left off if they left the site, etc. Nichole explained to me that the information can be presorted if there are more than 500 people on the list and it will save money at the post office. The file must be saved in .CSV file format before it can be uploaded into the MindFire software.

Later in the week I did a lot of production work making sure files were prepared to print, mostly with simple jobs like banners. Ed M showed me how he takes the variable data that Nichole and I prepared and uses a data merging plug-in with InDesign to add the information to the postcards and personalize each of them with the PURL, addresses and names. Every part of adding and editing the variable data has to be done properly so that none of the information gets mixed up and so that each field transfers properly to the postcards in an aesthetically pleasing way. This week I also had more practice writing up book jobs and I learned how to write up calendars.

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