The Boelte-Hall Family

Monday was a pretty normal day at work. I started the day with strips, PFL and Ebiz. Then we did a lot of production work and wrote up jobs as they came in. Unfortunately, business has been slow lately. Monday, I met with Char and spent a little time preparing for the Skills USA competition in case I would be helping grade tests or judging. Last week I sat in on a meeting while the AMS campaign team went over the information that we have so far for the multichannel marketing campaign. It was interesting to see how they were brainstorming and organizing the information so that it wouldn’t be overwhelming for visitors/participants. This campaign is probably the closest thing that Boelte does to my major/emphasis/minor so it has been the most interesting thing for me so far. I do often use my Photoshop, InDesign and Illustrator skills when working on production.

Tuesday began with my normal morning routine and after lunch I got to work with Nichole on the AMS Campaign. This campaign, as I have mentioned earlier, is a multichannel marketing project. While Nichole was updating the HTML code for the desktop and mobile versions of the website I got to teach her a few tricks to make it easier and clean up some of the outdated code that she had been using.

Being able to help with this campaign has by far been my favorite thing during my time at Boetle. I finally got to use some of my skills from my emphasis (Web/Interactive Media) classes and share some of my knowledge, which is an awesome feeling!

Wednesday I started the morning out with my regular routine and huddle meeting. Then I got to sit in on a follow-up conference call meeting with a multichannel marketing campaign client. With this campaign we sent out postcards, which contained QR codes and personal URLs for recipients to explore. From there we could see who visited each PURL, on what device, how long they visited, what page they left on and what information they registered with. We reviewed the data that resulted from the campaign to see how successful it was in different areas. We also explored other options that could be successful if we tried them in the future.

During this meeting I learned that throughout campaigns like this “multiple touches” are always more successful. Also, if you are capable of offering something that the audience desires they will be more likely to give you their information which you can then use to your benefit in the future. For example, if you are having a drawing for a free iPad, people will be more likely to give you more of their information. In this specific situation, the client had done a poor job of keeping track of their results from specific areas so we tried to show them how some of that information could be very beneficial for them. I also learned that Boelte has an app that they created which they can sell and customize for their clients to use at trade shows and events. Things like that app surprised me since I considered Boelte to simply be a printing company before I started here. Hopefully I can continue to be a part of campaigns and interactive media like this throughout the next month.

Thursday I spent the whole day at the Skills USA event. It was pretty special to get to go and help out. It was cool to get to see everything since I had never been to the event before and there are so many different things all happening at once. Friday at work I spent most of the afternoon and morning doing production for hot jobs. I realized this week that I only have about a month left and I am really going to miss my Boelte family when I have to go back to school.

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