“Be creative.”

On Monday, I did production work most of the day. I created files (and changed them, multiple times, as Verizon changed their minds) as needed in order for the colors and graphics to print properly. As I mentioned in my previous blog post, I was supposed to design the files for Verizon’s backdrop for the KC Pride Fest. I created a file to suit their original description: “I’m imagining rainbow colors diagonally and ‘#VZWPride’ in the middle but be creative”. I decided to take their advice and created two more versions which were similar but included the KC skyline. You can check out the different versions that I made, including the one they chose, in my portfolio! I have to admit, I was disappointed when they chose the simple version because they explained that: “While we love the KC skyline, we are planning to reuse this banner at the event in STL.” Either way, it was still really cool to have a chance to design for Verizon, especially as an intern.

Tuesday, I did more production work for the PKD Foundation Convention that is coming up. These pieces required more work with the data merging tools in InDesign. While this tool saves a lot of time, it also has a few flaws. After I imported the data, I spent a few hours making sure that none of the text was over-set as well as adjusting sizes and spacing. I think that seeing the production and printing side of graphics that I have experienced here will help me with my designs later down the road. Working here has also taught me to further appreciate and use keyboard shortcuts and other tools that the Adobe products offer (like step and repeat) that help save time and effort.

I also sat down with Char to discuss my experiences at Boelte so far, as well as other information about me, so that she could post a blog about me on their website. You can check out the blog post about my internship with Boelte-Hall here. Wednesday I spent most of the day doing production work for a big Silpada job that we have. I was taking graphics and resizing them into new and organized files. There are a lot more little details that go into printing than I realized before. One of the graphics had a pattern as the main background so when I placed the cut line I also had to create the bleed. In this case we had to determine the appropriate way to create the bleed with the pattern so that it would match the scaling. I also learned how to write up jobs for business cards. I had to make sure the software was calculating the appropriate number of likes and yields for sheets of paper (the software has been having issues with miscalculations) for each part of the job since there were both one sided and two sided cards being printed.

Thursday and Friday I helped with the AMS multichannel marketing campaign for a bit as we began the process of preparing that information. I also took a test for Ralph last week that they needed to help prepare for Skills USA. Last week we celebrated a birthday and had treats, which was fun. I can’t believe a month has already passed since I started working here!

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