Big opportunities. Bigger clients.

Monday and Tuesday of this week I did a lot of production work for a few clients that have a big convention coming up. I spent a lot of time creating signs for the PKD Convention. They sent us PDFs of what they wanted the signs too look like, some data with event information (speakers, room numbers, etc.), as well as fonts and logos for their documents. We had to go through the files that the client gave us and adjust the colors accordingly. Some of the files had to be changed from spot to process color for large format printing. We had to make sure the logos and graphics that they sent us had a high enough DPI and image resolution. I learned how to import data into InDesign and then create data merged documents. This process was long because sometimes the data didn’t import and merge correctly with the documents. After that the client had multiple changes they wanted to make. Sometimes communication and changes from clients can be frustrating but I understand that is just part of the job.
Wednesday I did some scanning with the Xerox machine, which then sent the scanned images onto the server so that I could download them onto my computer. Professor Younger had mentioned that Xerox machines could do things like this and Wednesday I experienced that first hand. Thursday I found out that we just got a new job with Verizon to print some of the materials that they will need for the KC Pride Fest this coming weekend. Josh, one of our salesmen, asked me if I wanted to do the design for their backdrop.

The president of Verizon is even going to be there so I am really excited to be able to have this opportunity! It is cool how my co-workers have looked for opportunities like this for me to do as they have gotten to know me and learned that I enjoy designing.

Thursday I did a lot of production work. This was one of the first times that I have gotten to work on some jobs from writing them up through the prepress stages. Of course, Kelly always checks my work, but some of it has really become easy for me. Friday I got to do some more design/production work by creating some simple signs/banners that were needed for one of our clients. I don’t have any pictures this week but feel free to check out my final designs for Verizon’s backdrop. Also, I will be attending the Skills USA competition that is coming up and I am really looking forward to it since I have been able to help prepare the test!

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