Becoming a real adult and an official employee.

I am really getting into the groove of arriving to work, reading the Sherpa strips to test their printing efficiency levels, then downloading, printing and writing up various jobs from Printing For Less and finally processing “ebiz” jobs, which are mostly business cards, letterheads and envelopes. This week, on Wednesday, we switched from Catalyst (the software system that is used throughout the company) to the newly improved and updated version, which is now called “Jybe.” This has been the biggest problem that I have faced so far during my time here. As we are writing up jobs and estimates we are finding different bugs that then have to be fixed. The latter half of the week has been kind of slow since we are often working through some of the new issues.
Throughout the past two weeks I have gotten used to writing up jobs for banners and pocket folders, however, this week we had a few special orders for folders. I learned how to write up jobs for pocket folders that have text stitched in (with a saddle stitch). I had to write up the job in different pieces, one for the pocket folder and another for the text that would be combined with it. I went out to the press room to watch the binding machine work on a similar job so I could see how the job would be processed after it was written up. These special orders also required special kinds of die cuts. I worked with Tractor to create new files for the special die cuts, which we then outsource to be created for us. We looked at some die cuts during the Printing Technologies class so it was cool to be able to refer back to that. We also had some jobs which needed to be printed with the Indigo and Xerox machines which we also briefly looked at during that class.

I am definitely using a lot of the things that I learned from that class.   Working with Tractor

During my second week the IT guys got my laptop setup as well as my email account so it has been cool to really use those more as I slowly work more by myself. I have sent PDFs off for client approval with my email account as well as ordering paper.

It’s cool to feel so “official” like a real adult and employee.   mac book

I also got to watch Justin run the welding machine and hem some banners for jobs that I wrote up earlier in the week. I got to work the I-cut machine during May as well and that was really cool. It is such a big machine and it is really special that it can cut about anything into any shape.
Later in the week Ed, one of our salesmen, asked me to create the files for a drink menu for the 816 Hotel. We have been doing a lot of jobs for them but most of them were done before I started working there. So I took the files that were provided to me and created the menu. After it was printed I got to keep a copy of the final product. (Don’t forget to head over to my portfolio to check out the menu I created!) It was cool to be able to do some more production work like this. Ralph and I had a meeting this week. He just wanted to check in with me to make sure that everything was going well and to get some feedback. One of the owners of the company, Steve Hall, also checked in with me during the week to ask how I was liking it, what had interested me, what had disappointed me and what I was most excited about. The fact that the owner of the company is interested in how my internship is going so far really speaks for the environment of the company.

It is nice to feel so cared about as an intern because I am sure that not all companies are this way.

Ralph and I were both wearing PSU polos on Friday so we seized the moment and got a picture together, as well as with Aimee (who grabbed her gorilla picture that I mentioned in my second weekly report). We are not the only PSU alumni employees but those are the two that I have worked with the most.

PSU Alumni

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