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Since I started my internship as soon as I could after summer started, the second week of my internship was only four days because of Memorial Day. I learned how to read the sherpa strips which check the ink levels and printing quality of the sherpas. I now do this every morning. I started working with Gina who showed me how to import data and process jobs that we get several times weekly. Business cards, letterhead, envelopes and pull orders are all “ebiz” jobs that we check for, import and process almost every day. The letterheads, envelopes and pull orders can be processed as soon as we get them but the business cards have to be sorted by stock number and product number. Also, business cards have to be printed in sets of four so we have to have at least eight orders before we can process the job unless they are “Scout” jobs. This is also one of the first things I do every morning. Finally, in the mornings I download, print and move the files from the Printing for Less jobs to the shared servers. I also write up the jobs for the banners, signs, posters and pocket folders.

This week Kelly and I wrote up jobs for signs and posters, which was something I didn’t really get to do the first week because we never had the opportunity. I am learning what kinds of paper and materials are used for different jobs when they are printed. We had more training for the new “Catalyst” software system. This week I got to do a little bit of design when I was doing some production work with Tractor. I got to create the poster for one of our jobs. We also took a bunch of old pictures, scanned them, then I put them all together and created the files for a memorial poster. (You can check out my poster by clicking here!) While these jobs were simple, I hope that they will lead to bigger, more difficult jobs in the future.

We did some work for the American Heart Walk and Boelte-Hall even had employees participate in the walk! This week was definitely interesting as I got to witness how when you create files and put together job orders then the customer will call and change things. Also, other issues we faced were from clients who submit poor quality files or graphics for their job. I also helped out Char by taking the test and providing feedback for the Skills USA competition.

Working with PSU alumni has been really nice. Ralph made sure that all the notepads that I have been using to take notes are Pitt State Graphics & Imaging Technology notepads and Aimee gave me an extra copy of a gorilla picture that she and Ralph both have in their office areas. I truly believe that it’s the little things in life that make all the difference. Once a gorilla, always a gorilla!


Gorilla notepadSkills USA test

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