The Internship

Upon walking in the door to begin my first day of work as an intern at Boelte-Hall, I was very nervous and unsure about what to expect. I was pleasantly surprised to see a sign hanging in the entryway, greeting all who entered, that said, “Welcome to Boelte-Hall, Katie George! We’re glad you’re here!” with the PSU split face in the background and the company logo. I have uploaded a picture of the banner from that day. I started my day by meeting with Ralph and discussing their plans for me for the week and finishing some paperwork. After that I started working with Kelly Shanks, who has done a wonderful job of taking me under her wing. She started teaching me how to use Catalyst. Catalyst is the program that all of the employees use to record their work and progress of jobs as they start and finish.

I have been trying to take notes as much as possible while using catalyst so that I can make sure that I am writing up jobs and using the system properly. I spent most of my first day working with Kelly learning how to use Catalyst. Tuesday morning, I spent most of my time watching the presses, the folding machine, the cutter and the machine that stuffs the inserts and letters into envelopes. After lunch I spent some time helping with a “hot” job by folding boxes in the large format area. Honestly, Tuesday wasn’t the most exciting day but I understand that I was supposed to see how jobs go from the office area to the presses and on through the completion process.

Wednesday through Friday I spent a lot of time working with Kelly. Each morning there are “huddle” meetings where we review the jobs on the schedule and discuss the progress so far. Thursday, I went to a meeting where the IT guys, Don and Chris, worked with Nichole to review the ways that Catalyst is changing to Jybe. So as I am learning how to use the old software it is going to be changing in a lot of ways that I will have to learn to use again. Nichole and I spent most of the afternoon together after the catalyst/Jybe training meeting. She told me about some of the multichannel marketing campaigns that Boelte has done in the past. These jobs really interested me and she said that I could help with them whenever the opportunity arises! I also learned that Boelte outsources jobs that require embossing, kiss cuts and foil stamping.

I was very nervous to start this internship but my first week has been fast-paced and I have really enjoyed getting to know everyone. Boelte’s employees have been very welcoming and I think I am really going to enjoy working here!

Welcome banner


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